A Brief Look at Online Health Care Administration Degrees

Today’s ease of access to the World Wide Web offers those who would like to take college classes and programs online a vast array of choices. With so many options, it makes it hard to narrow down the schools that offer students the best online programs in their preferred area of study. After researching the top picks online, these schools were found to have some of the top 5 online healthcare administration programs available.

Managing hospitals are the specialty of healthcare administratorsOhio University

Ohio University offers a master’s degree in health administration through a two-year graduate degree program. This program is made up of eight different modules of generally two classes about a certain topic. Each module requires ten weeks of study for completion. While this is an actual school where students may attend actual classes at the campus, it also offers a great deal of flexibility for those who prefer to do their studies online. Tuition rates are the same for both in state and out of state students and are considered to be fairly affordable, costly approximately $24,000 for the degree. Application and enrollment opportunities for this degree occur four times throughout the year. This option is especially good for students who are mid-career professionals. This course offers students skills such as strategic leadership and expertise in the world of business.

Northeastern University

This school offers a 50-hour credit program leading to an accredited Master of Business Administration degree in the area of Healthcare Management. Students will gain knowledge of policies regarding healthcare reform, regulatory processes involved in health care institutions, and become familiarized with the history of institutionalized health care. Northeastern also offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Management course. This is one of the few bachelor’s degrees offered solely online.

University of Minnesota

This degree program for the Executive Master of Healthcare Administration can be completed in two years. This program consists mainly of online education, combined with brief, in-person seminars, requiring students to attend a few actual classes, usually in August and May. This program deals with teaching the criteria for competent healthcare administration and teaches the most important aspects of this field of study.

Boston University

Boston offers students an online Master of Science degree in Health Communication. This is an accredited program teaches communications theory and how to use it to make the public aware of how important health awareness is. This degree can be earned in only 18 months with studying part-time, and working professionals make begin the course immediately without ever having to visit the campus.

George Washington University

George Washington offers a 24-month program preparing students for administrative and managerial positions in the healthcare industry, working toward a Master of Business Degree in Healthcare Management. This is an accredited online course. The program consists of 23 seven-week core classes and 12 elective classes.

These are just a few of the school available at which to earn online degrees but represents a good example of the top 5 online healthcare administration programs currently being offered. Now students can study from the comfort of their own home, while still earning a degree.

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