Worried about the IT problems you face in your business?

IT servicesAre you in search of best IT services? Then your search ends here. Calitso IT is your destination which provides IT services at the best.

Some of the daily IT and computer supports which they provide are:

  • Email support and tracking
  • Backing up data and data security
  • File sharing between computers and the cloud
  • Providing collaboration solutions
  • Business phone services
  • Printers and scanning to email
  • Desktop and laptop support
  • Fixing slow computers
  • Internet connectivity and uptime
  • Helping individual users
  • Removing malware and updating software
  • Printers and scanning to email
  • Replacing or upgrading hardware
  • Configuring server and firewalls
  • Maintaining your internal business network
  • IT project management
  • Remote, telephone and onsite support

They have fixed IT prices, which offer equal savings as well. The low monthly fixed pricing gives competitive and predictable rates. The pricing is usually based on the type, size and the complexity of the business. So now stop paying hourly and getting worried. The pricing here is significantly lesser than any part time IT employee. For example, if you have a small business with 10 or less than 10 users, you would be charged $1200-$1900 per month, depending on complexity of your requirements.

They have 20+ years of experience in IT, industry certifications and also the track records your business will need. This team of CALITSO is completely professional and most knowledgeable in IT industry. They are available all the time and are responsive as well. They are there to listen to customer’s needs and provide them with quality solutions and services. CALITSO provides an excellent IT service at an affordable price.

To make your IT experience easy at CALITSO, Manage IT program is provided so that there is no trouble about your IT. You will receive instant support irrespective of the number of computers you have. Thus you do not have wait for your IT guy to show up anymore. You can think CALITSO as your own trusted business adviser. With Manage IT, you can have your own personal, fully managed IT support team with you for 24/7 for only one monthly payment.

If your business is like most of them then your IT infrastructure will be too costly, too complex and too slow to meet the needs of this new era of business. Hence you need an infrastructure which can provide agile and rapid service and application delivery.

So what is this company all about? CALITSO is a Calgary Based IT Consulting Company which has committed itself to innovation and to provide the clients the ongoing value. CALITSO is a strategic business partner which focuses on decreasing the cost while providing the latest in computing technologies and products. Always it is not about minimizing the downtime or fixing the short time IT problems. CALITSO provides an ongoing, long time solutions so that you can move forward your business and gain profit. The success of CALITSO is measured by the success of the companies they partner with.

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