Play and win- the hotel game in New York

hotel game in New YorkPlaying and winning the hotel games has never been a cakewalk, and for Ed Scheetz, the renowned name in the hotel industry, it was more of a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, court cases, controversial matters, and wealth accumulation. Scheetz has been the CEO of one of the best hotel brands, the Morgan Group, but at present, he is attached to the King and Grove hotel companies, and he is trying to offer a tremendous make-over to the historical Chelsea hotels in New York.

Although Scheetz has always been a responsible father, and an affectionate husband, yet this forty eight year old industrialist suffered a personal setback in 2007, when he was accused to have stayed in a condominium with a girl of twenty four, who, accidentally died due to a fatal overdose of drugs. This case dragged on for three years, till it was proved that Walter Ed was not a criminal, and he settled into an out of the court compensation with Hatchel’s, the girl’s family.

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix: Ed’s story

Although there were minor setbacks in that phase from 2007 to 2010, Ed came back only to re-establish himself as one of the most competent hotel industry tycoon once more. With sheer determination, personal grit and courage, he showed the world how failures are perhaps, the greatest pillars of strength and success. His comeback story can boost the spirit of any aspiring business entrepreneur.

Another unpalatable incidents also involved the lawsuit by the surf Lodge owners that the King and Grove hotel company could not manage their hotel, and clearly stole their hotel idea to launch the Ruschmeyer in their vicinity only.

Some of his present achievements include:

  • The complete renovation and revamping of the historical Chelsea hotels. He keeps in mind how that place had been a platform for cultural exchanges among people from all over the world.
  • Currently, he is working on retail cum residential project which covers an area of thirty five thousand square feet. This project is located at 10, Bond Street and two other companies, S.K. Development and Iron State Development are also working for the completion of this project.
  • He is constantly emphasizing upon the innovative techniques associated with the hotel and restaurant sectors, but he makes it very clear that he will not create a nightclub cum restaurant arrangement in any of his ventures, as that might reduce the popularity of his hotels, and also lead to certain disturbances in future.
  • He also clarified that he is associated with the Surf Lodge stakes no longer, as it was known earlier that Ed had small stakes in the Surf Lodge, which was property of the Montauk.
  • The major concern now is the careful set-up and grand opening of the Astor Hotel. This work is scheduled to be completed by 2017, and Ed is looking forward to reap a great success from the Astor projects.
  • He is also negotiating with some of the best fashion brands to create something new in the renovation of the Chelsea hotels.

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