Meet Than Merrill the businessman and philanthropist

Wealth BuildersThan Merrill is a renowned and recognised name in the field of fortune building. He has been in this industry for quite a long time, and his exceptional speeches at the San Diego wealth building seminar, have been instrumental in making people learn many things about business, real estate networking, earning profit on wholesale businesses, and trying to embark upon new ventures within a short time which requires speedy thinking.

Than Merrill is also the owner of the educational company on real estate investments. This company is named Fortune Builders and he heads it to disseminate an all-round knowledge about big, medium and small business ventures. Some of the focal points of his seminars include:

  • Creating a television appearance named Flip this House, which is about finding the true nature of the real estate business.
  • This person has also played an important role in creating a new and improved variety of real estate broking and litigation firm, named ‘Realty National’. This office was initially opened in San Diego, but later its branches spread all across other cities like Boston, and Orange County, as part of California.
  • This year, in April 2014, Merrill has also launched the essential guide to the real estate assumptions, and speculations, in the form of his famous book- ‘the fastest, easiest way to get started in real estate’. This book has won accolades just after its arrival in the market, and there has been no looking back till now.
  • For all the sessions in his seminar, he never boasts of the rich and valuable knowledge which he shares with each and every individual. For the newcomers, the wealth building seminar can seem to be a little tough or boring, and they may also find too many information crammed into one single slot, but for the experienced people, these regular seminars are a learning experience in the business and real estate ventures.

The students versus the master: the Merrill seminars

Some salient features of the seminar for wealth building include:

  • Special boot camp training sessions, and questionnaires to understand the rate of business interest, real estate funding, market resources and their fluctuation, and also how to speak and go for selling properties in the most convincing manner. They have been conducting these workshops and seminars since 2007, and at present, their popularity has not suffered any setback.
  • Apart from the seminars and books which tell about how to accumulate wealth, Than Merrill and his wife are also engaged in several philanthropic activities like they have their own Equal Footing Foundation, which is involved in allotting scholarships, and monetary grants to children belonging to the lower rungs and economically downtrodden sections of the society.
  •  Than is also an accomplished football player, and he has played for multiple clubs.

According to most of the invitees to the Than Merrill seminar, some of the major domains of his business include an excessive urge for upwelling his products, while for others, the seminars are really informative and easy to understand.


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