Essential Facts about ACLS Certification

ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, which is a protocol that governs the management of patients who suffer from serious and life threatening medical emergencies including cardiac arrest. Moreover, this term refers to the training and skills required to implement this protocol appropriately and safely. Since the ACLS includes the application of extensive medical skills, professional training and certification are only made available to medical specialists such as nurses and doctors.

ACLS Principles

The key principles of the ACLS include an in-depth study of Basic Life Support, which also delves on important topics such as the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR, as well as a few other measures that help patients remain stable until a more intensive medical care is provided. Just like the CPR, the ACLS depends on the core strategies of first aid, or the ABC’s that people who provide first aid understand. These strategies include the security of the patient’s airway, stabilized breathing, and propert monitoring of circulation. Furthermore, those who have received a certification from the ACLS may be able to provide further interventions to people who are in need of medical attention.

Several forms of medical interventions such as using a defibrillator to ensure normal heart rhythm and intubation to open the airways are some parts of the ACLS training. Another essential component of the training is the administration of medications that assist with the resuscitation process. ACLS certification also consists of training in how to read data accurately and rapidly, starting intravenous lines and surgical intervention such as the proper placement of chest tubes and central lines.

Who Needs ACLS Training and Certification

Any professionals who work in the emergency room must be trained in ACLS. Moreover, most medical students take these certification programs, which help them become more adept and competent in performing their duties. Aside from resuscitation, it is the main goal of ACLS to teach people how to determine what is wrong with patients. This way, medical specialists will be able to develop a suitable treatment plan that provides long-term benefits to individuals. However, guidelines change constantly because of new information and techniques that evolve in the medical field. Thus, recertification is a requirement for those who are certified. With recertification, professionals can expect the material is always up-to-date and fresh, so health care experts can always make the best decision in critical situations.

Further Details about ACLS Certification

The ACLS Certification Program ( recognizes the need for the right medical care attention or support in emergency clinical situations. It also emphasizes the significance of providing basic life support to help patients survive, as well as the value of effective communication and team interaction while patients are resuscitated appropriately. For those who wish to receive the ACLS certification, they must be able to complete successfully the online course and skills tests. There are also credits for continuing education, which is designed for physicians, EMS professionals, doctor assistants and other individuals in the medical field. Certification is necessary for any healthcare providers and emergency care professionals who are expected to respond to any life-threatening situations.

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