Ed Young’s Broadcast Ministry

Ed Young is the charismatic founding and senior Pastor of the Fellowship Church. Ed Young’s broadcast ministry provides visionary leadership that inspires people all over the world. Also in conjunction to the main campus facilities, the Fellowship Church also runs three additional satellite campuses in the surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth area, two more in Miami, Fland also in Columbia, SC. EdYoung also broadcasts online at Fellowshiplive.com. As you can see Ed Young has executed an innovative business strategy to spread his word. Observing Ed Young’s organization in progress is a lesson in powerful and creative communication. Ed preaches the importance of God given creativity to live a life of abundance, joy and gratitude.

Ed YoungEd Young understands the responsibility of leading people, not where leaders want to lead them, but where they want to go. In addition to being a pastor, Ed is also an author of 14 books, he has totally devoted himself to spreading the word of God. Ed’s books challenge you to live the life that God wanted for you through your own creative instincts. The most recent release is Sexperiment, his best-selling books include Contagious Joy, Beauty Full and Kid CEO. Ed Young is all about inspiring families and kids to get the most out of their lives using their creative spirit. He has a real passion for breaking down the complex meaning of life into simple truths for any person to digest. Ed helps people empower themselves to creatively take control of their lives and walk in the footsteps the almighty designed for them. Ed finds the power in people and gives them the confidence and will to live the life they desire for themselves.

Ed Young’s broadcast ministry is innovative. Ed Young has fostered a creative business culture within his organization. Ed shows how to creatively utilize a powerful business focused enterprise to spread his religious message effectively. He speaks the real truth to the masses in ways they can comprehend and immediately apply to enrich their everyday lives. Ed goes beyond mere cult of personality, he is totally approachable and accessible to the people unlike others who may also have a large following. Ed believes in a business culture of sharing and helping others achieve their dreams. His organization serves people across various communities, it’s this type of support and outreach that can impact many lives and also inspire regular folks to uplift others. Ed motivates people to reach deep inside themselves and live the creative life that God planned for them. He understands the importance of people living, sharing and working together to empower each other.

Ed Young’s broadcast ministry is proof that he practices what he preaches. Ed is at the vanguard of innovative ministry. The world of communication and technology changes by the minute, Ed Young can be viewed online 24 hours a day on his own online tv channel. He is also one of the most in-demand religious conference speakers across the world, his passion and enthusiasm is infectious to all who witness. He also provides beneficial resources for other church leaders through other online outlets. Not only does Ed Young inspire the masses, but he also creatively leads other church leaders so they can better serve their followers. Ed Young is also a devoted family man, he has been happily married to his lovely wife Lisa for more than thirty years.

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